The Regions of OCI

Let’s discuss the available regions of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). A region refers to a localized geographic area, with an availability domain comprising one or more data centres situated within a region. Essentially, a region is made up of one or more availability domains.

Oracle recently announced having the broadest availability of Cloud Infrastructure with 40 regions available and plans to open nine more in the years to come. The map below shows the currently available regions:

The majority of regions are single availability domains (AD) or data centers, with each AD having three Faulty Domains (FD) providing hardware redundancy. Oracle intends to add multiple ADs in the future, depending on the rising demand in a particular region. Interestingly, Oracle now has two or more regions in a single geography, which helps mitigate application high availability in a single geographical location.

Here is a detailed list of available OCI regions by geography:

GeographyCountryRegion NameAvailability Domain Count
North AmericaUSAUS East (Ashburn)3
North AmericaUSAUS West (Phoenix)3
North AmericaUSAUS West (San Jose)1
North AmericaCanadaCanada Southeast (Montreal)1
North AmericaCanandaCanada Southeast (Toronto)1
EMEAUKUK South (London)3
EMEAUKUK West (Newport)1
EMEAGermanyGermany Central (Frankurt)3
EMEASwitzerlandSwitzerland North (Zurich)1
EMEANetherlandsNetherlands Northwest (Amsterdam)1
EMEAFranceFrance Central (Paris)1
EMEAFranceFrance South (Marseille)1
EMEAItalyItaly Northwest (Milan)1
EMEASwedenSweden Central (Stockholm)1
EMEASpainSpain Central (Madrid)1
EMEASaudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia West (Jeddah)1
EMEAUAEUAE East (Dubai)1
EMEAUAEUAE Central (Abu Dhabi)1
EMEAIsraelIsrael Central (Jerusalem)1
EMEASouth AfricaSouth Africa Central (Johannesburg)1
Latin AmericaBrazilBrazil East (Sao Paulo)1
Latin AmericaBrazilBrazil Southeast (Vinhedo)1
Latin AmericaChileChile Central (Santiago)1
Latin AmericaMexicoMexico Central (Queretaro)1
Asia PacificJapanJapan East (Tokyo)1
Asia PacificJapanJapan Central (Osaka)1
Asia PacificSouth KoreaSouth Korea Central (Seoul)1
Asia PacificSouth KoreaSouth Korea North (Chuncheon)1
Asia PacificAustraliaAustralia East (Sydney)1
Asia PacificAustraliaAustralia Southeast (Melbourne)1
Asia PacificIndiaIndia West (Mumbai)1
Asia PacificIndiaIndia South (Hyderabad)1
Asia PacificSingaporeSingapore (Singapore)1

Note that the list above is for the Public Cloud Regions, but Oracle also provides Government Cloud.

CountryRegion NameAvailability Domain Count
USAUS Gov East (Ashburn)1
USAUS Gov West (Phoenix)1
USAUS DoD East (Ashburn)1
USAUS DoD North (Chicago)1
USAUS DoD West (Phoenix)1
UKUK Gov South (London)1
UKUK Gov West (Newport)1

With its presence in 22 countries, OCI’s availability is truly global. However, Oracle should consider adding multiple ADs in each region to improve the high availability of applications hosted in the cloud. Currently, most regions have only one AD, which could result in a single point of failure for applications hosted in that region.

I hope this post has helped you understand OCI regions and their global footprint. I will continue to update this post as new regions and ADs become available.

I welcome your suggestions and comments to further improve my blog. Thank you for reading.